Fingal Haven’s Allan and Betty Rowe Celebrating 70 Years of Wedded Bliss

The Rowe’s with their wedding photo. Photo by Marian Sampson.
The Rowe’s with their wedding photo. Photo by Marian Sampson.


AS milestones go reaching a seventieth wedding anniversary is pretty special.

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Betty and Allan Rowe residents at Fingal Haven are going to celebrate their 70th platinum wedding anniversary on 6 March.

Allan is 92 and Betty is 90 years old but they are both young at heart.

The couple are friendly, chatty and enjoy their lives together in their villa, where they play a game of Rummikub every day to keep their minds sharp.

Allan spends time on his computer while Betty reads nearly every day in the sunroom.

Allan started using computers at the age of 75 and still manages to touch type, a skill he learnt during his working life.

Betty Rowe told News Of The Area, “The secret to their marriage comes down to faith in Christ, as it is he who has kept us day by day.”

She believes that she and her husband have also had great support from family and friends throughout their marriage.

Allan and Betty will be celebrating their 70th anniversary with family, which means that they will be surrounded by their three sons, Bruce, Geoffrey and Phillip, their seven surviving grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.

They will also be joined by their honorary grandchild from the United States who they opened their home to in 1988 as she is flying back out to Australia for this very special occasion.

The team at News Of The Area wish the Rowe’s a wonderful platinum wedding anniversary and a year filled with health and happiness.



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