Fire and Rescue NSW Nambucca Heads Station Open Day showcases a committed team looking after Nambucca Heads

Sasha O’Connell-McGregor talking with firefighter Irene Pachos, Captain Robert Couchman aboard an old demo fire truck, Deputy Captain Ricky Forbes, firefighter Irene Pachos and Captain Robert Couchman at the Station.


‘PREPARED for Anything’ is the mantra that the Fire and Rescue NSW Nambucca Heads Station adheres to, and the Open Day on Saturday 15 May at the Station demonstrated the preparedness and commitment of the local team.

By mid-morning on Saturday 15 May the Open Day had seen quite a few members of the public pass through the station and gather the available brochures.

Captain Robert Couchman and Deputy Captain Ricky Forbes both said that the station was always willing to open for children to have a look at the equipment, and for people to access fire safety information.

To do this the public is encouraged to phone the Station.

Captain Couchman said it is, “Important to have open dialogue with the community.”

The Station has four fire-fighters available to respond at all times.

Although the station itself may not always have staff present, the community can be safe in the knowledge that there is always a team of responders ready to assist when needed.

According to Captain Couchman, Fire and Rescue NSW is always on the lookout for more firefighters to add to the ranks, especially those that are available for at least three days a week, Monday-Friday.

If there are people in the community who are interested in becoming a firefighter the best way to apply is to go to the Fire and Rescue NSW website at

Captain Couchman has this message for all members of the community, “Moving onto the winter months we are really focusing on winter fire safety, getting your home prepared for winter.

“Making sure that if you’re getting your fireplace fired up again for the first time you’ve got a clean flue, a clean chimney.

“That is one of the more common types of fire that will start in the house through winter.

“Making sure that your heaters have been serviced and are up to date.

“And making sure that people have nothing nearer than a metre to a heater, to prevent anything catching fire.

“It’s really important that everyone in the home understands this, understands their home escape plans.

“And all the smoke alarms are up to date, serviced, with fresh batteries and installed properly.”

Captain Couchman said that owing to the lack of a local paper in the months leading up to the Open Day, advertising the event was more difficult than usual, so the team was expecting fewer visitors than usual.

The Open Day is held once a year, although last year’s event was not able to be held because of COVID.

COVID-Safe practices were carried out at the event, with all visitors required to sign in and the usual activities scaled back.




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