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Maria Parmax reading first edition. Photo - Square Shoe Photography
Maria Parmax reading first edition.
Photo – Square Shoe Photography

HONOURED, is how Maria Parmax of Salamander Bay felt when she found out she was our very first recipient of our special first edition Bay News of The Area.

Mrs Parmax of MJP Conveyancing told News Of The Area, “I am really happy with the quality, size and affordability of the advertising and will definitely continue to support the paper.”

Ann Gibson was thrilled to receive her first copy, especially when she realised she was in the paper.

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Mrs Gibson told News Of The Area, “I am so happy we have another paper.”

Comments around town have been complimentary, and the new paper has been received with much positivity.

Residents have remarked that they are pleased to finally have a local paper that focuses solely on the bay, and that it feels like the Bay will finally be recognised and acknowledged properly. .
Some common questions were brought up by residents during the first week of drop offs for the very first edition of Bay News Of The Area.

The Bay News Of The Area will be a weekly publication, and you could expect to be able to pick up your edition late Wednesday afternoons, but will be ready in newsstands from first thing Thursdays.

Anyone can advertise in the Bay News Of The Area, and will find our rates extremely competitive.
To do so, you can contact the advertising team on (02) 4983 2134. Or email a request to [email protected]

You can view all stories online as well as in the physical newspaper at

A one of the local contributor reporters, I wish to thank you for the warm and welcoming reception with our first edition.

We look forward to continuing to develop strong community relationships built on trust, compassion and reliability.


By  Mandy ELLIS

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