First week back for 2017

Madelyn Bakes - Wirreanda Public School.
Madelyn Bakes – Wirreanda Public School.

HUNDREDS of Medowie families sent their young ones off to their first days of Preschool and Kindergarten this week.

An emotional moment for any parent, a special day where families take their first step in letting go of the little people they have raised and prepared for the exciting world of ‘big school’ as best they can.

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Wirreanda Public School, Medowie Christian School and Medowie Public School saw excited little faces in fresh new uniforms and polished shoes, lining up to meet their teachers and learn about their new school.

Medowie Community Preschool, Gumnuts Preschool and Kindy Patch, as well as other centres in the area, saw eager little people arrive for their final year of preparation for big school.

All schools and centres reported lots of excitement, lots of laughter and hugs exchanged, as well as a few tears here and there.

Wirreanda Kindergarten mother, Nat McFarlane, told News Of The Area, “For me, it was the emotion of letting go of my baby, my first born.”

“Tears flooded in as the principal told the class to hug and say goodbye to your mummy and daddy, on went my sunglasses, and just like that, my little girl was walking away starting her next big journey.”

“I was excited, but also so nervous for her, I watched the clock constantly and couldn’t wait to collect her to hear about her day,” she said.

An enjoyable first year at Kinder is so important during these formative years where children develop their love for education.

We thank the educators, parents and caregivers for giving our Medowie children to best start for their educational experience.

You are creating wonderful adults for the future of our town.

By Rachael VAUGHAN

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