Foreshore upgrades on the horizon?

The V-Wall. Photo: Visit NSW.


OVER the last number of years people have painted inspirational messages, artwork and words around the Nambucca V Wall area.

In the near future however, we may see this area, and other parts of the Nambucca River foreshore, experience developments and improvements once again.

Grant Nelson, the Nambucca Valley Council’s Coordinator of Strategic Planning and Natural Resources, said that plans for the V-wall were exhibited and adopted by the Council in 2019.

Concepts for the improvements for the V Wall and the Foreshore Walk originated in the Nambucca River Masterplan nine months prior in 2018.

“The Nambucca River Masterplan explores improvements to the public spaces along the foreshore in the lower estuary of the Nambucca River, proposing improvements to infrastructure in the area such as widening footpaths, adding new park shelters and seating.

“Further to improving the function of the space by looking at the infrastructure it also explores opportunities to highlight the history, culture and environment of the Nambucca River through interpretive information, art and other placemaking activities.”

Mr Nelson said the plan provides the Council with direction for proposed improvements in the foreshore area.

“While it’s largely presented at a conceptual level of detail it provides information to support external funding opportunities.

“Often a successful grant application is followed by a review of the concepts in plan and more refinements or detailed design, such as the recent v-wall improvements.

“These improvements provided new shade shelters, seating, landscaping and lighting as key outcomes to the project which complemented interpretative information regarding the gumbaynggirr culture and language,” explained Mr Nelson.

Both the V Wall and Foreshore walk areas have also proven really popular with young people, especially during school and public holidays.

With these potential upgrades, the Council aims to attract more visitors to the local area than ever before.

“The benefits of public space improvements and placemaking are extensive but essentially the improvements aim to improve the function and appeal of our foreshore as places the community want to visit and use.

“In doing so the improvements are also likely to support local economies through visitation and tourism, attract investment and business opportunities, provide opportunities to educate the community on local culture, history and the environment,” said Grant.

More details of these concepts can be found on the following website –


By Rhys GLEESON, Junior Reporter


The Foreshore Walk. Photo: Trip Advisor.

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  1. It’s a shame their plans don’t include upgrading/repairing the boat ramps or any other boating facilities or dredging vital areas of the river such as in front of the Marine Rescue base.

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