Four Port Stephens locals achieve Shorinji Kempo black belt status

The new Shorinji Kempo black belts Mark O’Sullivan, Roxy Gwyn-Kabayama, Dave Eggins
and Dean Nicholson.


SOME sports are easier to learn than others and some take a lifetime to perfect.

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Shorinji Kempo is a martial art based on self defense and self development.

There can be a very technical side to it with blocks, attacks, pins, grabs and arm locks.

They say that by the time you reach black belt you are now ready to begin learning.

Four locals have recently attained their black belts in this martial art which is practiced at the Salamander Bay Welfare Club Dojo.

Steven Clarke, the Sensei (Branch Master and teacher) for Newcastle Branch, located at Salamander Social Welfare Club Hall on Foreshore Dr in Salamander Bay, told News Of The Area, “I started Shorinji Kempo in July 1988 and Newcastle branch was established in September 1993.

“Over that time I’ve seen many people come through the Newcastle branch.

“However I’m glad that four kenshi from Newcastle branch achieved shodan recently.

“I hope they can keep practicing and developing and helping others within the branch and their community for years to come,” he said.

Last month Troy Cormack also successfully received his nidan grading.

For the new black belts life is more than Shorinji Kempo, they have families so getting everyone together to train was one of the biggest challenges they faced.

However, through dedicated practice both at the Dojo and at home, the four were successfully graded as black belts.
Shorinji Kempo is a great way to challenge yourself.

It can be physically quite tough at times, although those who participate in the sport all practice to their own limitations.

Shorinji Kempo is also a great way of growing your own discipline and self confidence.

The Dojo offers mixed classes, generally there are more males than females however women are more than welcome.

Children are also able to participate alongside the adults.

As we all emerge into a COVID-19 normal Steven Sensei is keen to see the class grow again.

The Dojo is open for training every Thursday 630pm~830pm and Saturday mornings 9am~1130am.

This sport is a low cost and anyone is welcome to go along to the Dojo to watch, or have a go.



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