Frank Ward OAM, Shoal Bay opinion on the real needs of Tomaree



Dear News Of The Area,

WHILST I am in complete agreement with your correspond Paul Attard (Bay News Of The Area 2/11/17 “Bypass the Fingal Bay Bypass”) that the expenditure of some $50-100 million of very scarce funds to relieve the traffic for the Christmas holiday period would be a waste of money, his ideas for its better use of this funds on a light rail to the airport is something only this current sell and spend State Government would consider.

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Maybe the Council under its pro-development new Mayor is proposing to increase the population of Fingal Bay by allowing the same 20 story high apartment building as proposed for Nelson Bay as there is virtually no more land at Fingal for release except the National Parks but then, with the current State Government, that may also be on the agenda as it is calling for submissions on all Crown Lands with the view to flogging anything it can.

As an older person who retired to this beautiful Port Stephens I, like most of the high number of retirees here, would gladly put up with the Christmas traffic if anyone would provide us with an extended hospital service that catered for our needs.

I have had to use the services of the Tomaree Community Hospital on several occasions over recent years and have nothing but thanks for the care given to me having regards to the limited facilities available.

Whilst none of us believe that a major hospital will ever be built here as, even with the new Council’s plans the turn Nelson Bay into a version of the Gold Coast, plans must be made to expand services at Tomaree.

What is needed to cater for the growing number of retirees in our area is for the hospital to be extended to provide services that the aged need to relive the major Hunter Hospital whilst we recover from the illnesses that the aged have increasingly.

If local residents could be moved to Tomaree after major operations like Knee or hips, family would be available to assist in the rehabilitation and comfort of patient and this make the bed available at The Mater or John Hunter where all the high tech facilities enable the doctors to do more operations and reduce the waiting.

The provision of these services at Tomaree is a much more effective use of resources but I don’t expect this State Government to do anything when it proposes to demolish perfectly good Stadia in Sydney and spend $2bllion on building a new one.

Maybe we should petition for a stadium then spend the funds on what is really needed.

Having regard to the current State Government priorities maybe Mr Attard’s proposal has more chance of getting up than the real needs of our community.

Frank Ward OAM
Shoal Bay

One thought on “Frank Ward OAM, Shoal Bay opinion on the real needs of Tomaree

  1. Yes, there are higher priorities and a hydrotherapy pool would go a long way to providing decent services for our community. It was on the works list years ago but has somehow “disappeared”. What happened? $s should also be directed to seriously consider the needs of both the young Mums and ageing population by providing better pathways and public transport.

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