Friday for Forests – meet the local group committed to saving Nambucca Valley forests

Friday for Forest members making a statement. Photo: Forest Ecology Alliance.


THE Friday for Forests (FFF) roadside demonstration, located at the corner of Mann St and Hyland Park Rd, started in June 2020.

It all started when Nambucca Valley Councillor Susan Jenvey, Georgette Allen and members of the Nambucca Valley Conservation Association decided to gather each Friday with other local residents who value local forests.

The group hasn’t missed a Friday since starting.

Each Friday, FFF stands on the corner displaying a range of different placards.

Some read ‘Honk for Koala Habitat’ or ‘Saving Forests is Climate Action’.

Demonstrators hold up toy koalas to passers-by as a symbol of what they are trying to save.

Always present are a group of community members determined to raise awareness about the impact they believe planned logging activities will have on forests in Nambucca Valley and beyond.

News Of The Area spoke with some of the organisers of the event about the purpose of Fridays for Forests.

Lil Ganly, from Forest Ecology Alliance (FEA) said, “I think it is really important that we keep the community aware that forests need our protection.”

Ben Beinssen, FEA, added, “When people go past and toot their car horns, wave or shout they are connecting to show support for forests.”

FEA members explained to News Of The Area that the conservation movement is usually working in the field on forest surveys and negotiations with stakeholders behind the scenes, which leads to minimal face to face contact with the community.

Deanna, from FEA, said, “Friday for Forests allows people to put faces to the movement in a lively, friendly way.

“We encourage locals to stop and share their concerns and hopes for forests with us.”

Friday for Forests organisers would like the community to know they are welcome to join the group for a chat and find out more about what is happening in the area.

Friday for Forests protest is held every Friday at the corner of Mann St and Hyland Park Rd, Nambucca Heads, 8-9am.




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  1. Hi
    Its good and fine to want save the forest of nambucca heads or anywhere for that matter. But what gets me I bet these people protesting live in a house in there local area there protesting for but dont realise the land there house was built on was demolished as well to clear there land of trees. There are just some things we can’t control Covid is one great example they are going to do what has to done regardless if we stand on the side of the road and yell or be silent. Put your energy into something else like family,work,hobbies.

    I’ve said my bit. ✌

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