Fruit cake baking competitions, free bananas, superior scone baking skills…it’s all under the Exhibition Hall roof at Coffs Harbour Agricultural Show

Come and talk bananas with The Coffs Harbour & District Banana Growers Association – showing lovely bunches and giving away delicious ripened bananas.


WITH the Coffs Harbour Show next weekend – Friday April 30 to Sunday May 2 – here’s a glimpse inside the Exhibition Hall.

Fancy baking?

Then get your mixing bowl out for the Rich Fruit Cake competition, sponsored by Mills-Thom`s Mechanical Repairs, baked to The Agricultural Societies Council of NSW recipe.

Then there’s the scone competition.

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Sponsored by The Bailey Centre Liberty there’s a Senior Prize of $300 and a Junior Prize of $100.

Paul Amos, Manager at The Bailey Centre Liberty said, “We’ve been sponsoring the scone competition for a few years and it’s turned into quite an icon of the Exhibition Hall.

“There’s plenty of entrants who enthusiastically seek to take on the mantle of making Coffs Harbour’s best scone.

“As a former judge I’ve been the beneficiary of many a delicious scone.

“The Coffs Show is part of a tradition that forms a healthy, strong, happy community.”

If you love a delicious banana, you’re in the right place.

The Coffs Harbour & District Banana Growers Association (BGA) will display the best of the best.

Jeff Eggins, President of the BGA and a grower himself in Woolgoolga will be on hand with fellow growers.

“This year we’re focusing on meeting the community and giving away free bananas and getting invaluable feedback on the varieties and size that people like,” said Jeff.

“Come along and taste-test the three varieties of ripened bananas and have a chat.”

OZ Group Co-OP LTD, another local 100% Australian Farm Owned cooperative, will also be present with their berry products.

In crafts you’ll find Paper Craft, Knitting, Crochet, Needlework, Craftwork, Quilting and Junior Craft, with school craft displayed on the walls.

“This year we have the Group 2 Quilt competition where the overall winner goes to The Royal Easter Show in 2022,” said Margaret Crawley, Vice President and Pavilion Chief Steward.

“The Coffs Garden Club and Woolgoolga Garden Club are displaying Fresh Produce, Honey, Plants and Flowers.”

The Coffs Harbour Orchid Society is also having a display.



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