Full House for Port Stephens LAC forum

Wayne Humphrey moves amongst the crowd.
Wayne Humphrey moves amongst the crowd.


TILLIGERRY RSL’s auditorium was packed with some 100 locals recently to hear Acting Superintendent Wayne Humphrey explain the structure and workings of the Port Stephens LAC and to answer queries from residents.

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Discarding a microphone, the senior officer moved casually amongst the crowd exuding an air of authority while referring to a slide show of statistics on a large screen.

There were no interjections at the well-controlled meeting.

A group of seven or eight senior police was seated at the front and introduced to those attending.

Rumours of closing the Lemon Tree Passage station were dismissed, but the days of local resident officers controlling their own district seem to be fast fading.

The linking of all sections of the force by interactive electronic technology means that policing of the future will see much more mobility and more appropriate responses.

‘Reengineering’ seemed to be the buzzword whereby dogs, helicopters, trail bikes and other resources could be instantly deployed should the need arise.

Comparing statistics to other areas of Port Stephens, Tilligerry showed a surprisingly low crime rate.

It was explained that a growing problem not just in Tilligerry but in all areas is domestic violence.

Another surprising statistic revealed that as many as one in three drug tested drivers returns a positive result.

Another interactive meeting is planned for later in the year.




Senior police at the forum.
Senior police at the forum.

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