Future of Medowie Club and Future of Medowie town overall is very promising

Councillor Chris Doohan at the Club where he sees a new ANZAC memorial and a farmers market bringing value to the township. Photo by Marian Sampson.


COVID-19 has paused the Medowie Sport and Community Clubs opening, however, this isn’t stopping the enthusiasm or momentum behind seeing the Club deliver for the community.

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Councillor Chris Doohan can be described as nothing less than passionate about the development and what it is bringing to, not just Medowie, but Port Stephens overall.

Councillor Doohan’s vision for the Club includes a future produce market on the site, live bands, bowling and watching sporting activities on Ferodale Sports Complex from the clubhouse.

The ex-serviceman is also wanting to see an additional War Memorial on the site given that the ANZAC Services have outgrown the park where the current town memorial is sited.

Cr Doohan’s vision sees the ANZAC Day March beginning at the current memorial and ending at the new facility which will allow ANZACS and their families and friends to share time together at the Clubhouse after the March.

Councillor Doohan does not want the Memorial at the Club to replace the existing War Memorial, rather to be a Memorial where respects are made on ANZAC Day at the end of the March, perhaps prior to the two-up.

Chris Doohan told News Of The Area, “The economy of Medowie is being boosted by developments, businesses entering into the business precinct and working with the hub at Williamtown, Medowie is becoming a place where you can live and have a job here, and that’s terrific.

“The growth has always been planned, for Medowie, we have a 7-eleven, a childcare centre and medical services are coming here.

“Project management groups working at the RAAF Base can enjoy cheaper rents in Medowie and while they are here they will support the local cafes and other businesses.

“I am dead set excited about Medowie’s future and the future for the Club.

“COVID-19 paused the opening of the Club and there is a bit of a blessing there because if it had opened prior to the lockdown they would have been bankrupt, we have lost two of the original operators and those still in the game need to get their businesses salvaged, one is still extremely interested and a second potential business looking at the opportunity.

“Once the contracts are signed the Club can be up and operating within three to four weeks after the final tender,” he said.

In the meantime he is working to see the site activated and potentially the first activity will be the Medowie Farmers Markets.

He hopes to see local farmers produce sold at the markets which will also attract visitors to the township for the farmers market.

He envisages starting small with a monthly market and building on this.



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