Gabbi The Turtle Released At Fly Point Marine Sanctuary

Gabbi when she came into care at Sea Shelter.


GABBI has become somewhat of a local celebrity in the world of turtles.

For workers in animal rehabilitation there is no more magical moment than when a creature in your care is returned to the wild.

In Gabbi’s case this was a six month journey.

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She was rescued in a terrible condition in December 2020.

When Gabbi initially came into the care of Sea Shelter at Irukandji Shark and Ray Encounters she was injured, underweight and lethargic.

Lia Pereira of Sea Shelter told News Of The Area, “They found a crack in her shell possibly from a boat collision, and she was struggling to eat.”

After months of veterinary treatment and specialised care from the Sea Shelter Hospital volunteers, she was finally healthy enough to go home.

“By May 2021 she had doubled her weight and become an active, lively turtle with a big appetite.”

Her team of carers and supporters gathered near Fly Point on 2 May to say their goodbyes and watch as she took off back home.

“She wasted no time at all once she was in the water, swimming away so fast there was barely a chance to snap a photo!” she said.

To keep track of her she was given a special mark on her shell so that she’s easily identifiable in the wild.

For the team at Sea Shelter seeing Gabbi back in her natural environment is an exciting and fulfilling event, while they hope to see and hear news of Gabbi as she explores Port Stephens it is their hope that she doesn’t need to come back into care.

You can assist the work of Sea Shelter by donating to the organisation and you can help sea turtles by disposing of waste, especially plastics responsibly.

Turtles like Gabbi feed on jellyfish and turtles can eat plastic bags and balloons that end up in the marine environment.




Sea Shelter’s resident Marine Biologist Ryan Pereira with the next generation of wildlife warriors Silas Pereira are watched on by volunteers and supporters as they release Gabbi near Fly Point in Port Stephens.

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