Georgia competes at World Championships

Georgia Almond, World Cheer Champ.
Georgia Almond, World Cheer Champ.


GEORGIA Almond has taken her love and passion for Cheerleading to the world stage, showing that hard work really does pay off.

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This talented athlete has been training in Cheerleading for nearly five years, and clearly has a great passion and talent for her chosen career.

Georgia has previously competed at a National level, and with enviable results.

Last year at the National Dance and Cheer competition in Melbourne, Georgia came away with two National Titles for Lyrical and Jazz in the dance section, and two National Titles for Level 2 Senior and Level 2 Open in Cheer.

Georgia also achieved National Grand Champion in Level 2 and was fortunate enough to be asked to compete in the invitation only Pinnacle Championships, which sees the best of the best go head to head.

In the Pinnacle Championships, she completed in various sections, and came away with a first in cheer, and a third in cheer.

All of this hard work paid off when Georgia and her fellow squad mates at were offered a very special chance to compete on the world stage.

This prestigious event was held in Orlando, Florida in early May, and involved hundreds of teams from all over the world.

Georgia’s Mum accompanied Georgia and her squad mates as one of the chaperones.

They achieved 8th in the world for Level 3 and 12th in the world for level 2.

News Of The Area congratulates Georgia Almond and her squad mates at the MCPD Studio on these wonderful results.


By Rachael VAUGHAN


The world is Georgia’s oyster. (left) Georgia Almond competes at Summit World Cheerleading Championships. (right)
The world is Georgia’s oyster. (left)
Georgia Almond competes at Summit World Cheerleading Championships. (right)

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