Get your Shimmymob on for World Belly Dance Day in the Nambucca Valley

Essence of Ardour will be joining the Shimmymob movement on World Bellydance Day.

IT’S World Bellydance Day on 14 May and Nambucca’s own Essence Of Ardour belly dancing group will be doing the region proud.

“Each year on World Bellydance Day Essence Of Ardour participate in a worldwide movement called Shimmymob,” Essence Of Ardour’s founder Julie Bendell told News Of The Area.

For the past eleven years on World Bellydance Day (the second Saturday in May), teams of belly dancers around the world dance a Shimmymob, a belly dancing flash mob held annually to raise awareness of domestic abuse.

“This is a fun event, held for a good cause.

“Feel good about yourself by helping others.

“Our team consists of ladies from Port Macquarie to Coffs Harbour.”

Essence Of Ardour is fundraising for Samaritans Women’s Refuge in Kempsey.

“The teams across the world dance the same choreography which we can learn face-to-face and online.

“We all wear the same costume and each year we do not reveal it until the day.”

This year the choreography is Australia’s own Elle May.

“We also add a couple of our own choreographies in the mix to extend the performance.”

On Saturday 14 May Essence Of Ardour will be performing in various venues around the Nambucca Valley: at 10am at Horseshoe Bay, South West Rocks, at 11.45am at the Nambucca Heads RSL and at 2pm at the Woodstock in the Valley festival in Macksville.

“Along with this we are holding a Shimmymob fundraising night on Friday 15 July in South West Rocks in conjunction with the Mid North Coasts largest belly dance weekend.

“Here performers from across Australia will join us.

“We have international and national recognised special guests holding workshops, joining us for a Q and A for Shimmymob and performing in a showcase concert along with other artists across NSW and QLD including myself and Essence Of Ardour’s students, both children and adults.”

And there are tricks to getting the shimmy just right, Julie told NOTA.

“There are several different types of shimmies.

“The most popular one is where the movement comes from the knees, with a fast movement of the knees going back and forth.

“This moves the hips up and down to create a shimmy.

“The more relaxed you are, the bigger the movements.”

Julie, who dances under the name of Joselda, has been dancing for over 30 years.

“My background in dancing includes jazz ballet, modern contemporary, and belly dance.

“It was belly dance that captured my heart and the community that surrounds it.

“My journey of belly dance began fifteen years ago in Coffs Harbour with my mentor/teacher Xaeda Raqasa and Sacred Lotus, in Coffs Harbour.”

Julie founded Essence Of Ardour in 2018 after moving to South West Rocks to create an all-inclusive dance community for all ages, combined with her passion for belly dance.

“I think it’s important to support each other.

“Our group creates a safe non-judgmental and all-inclusive environment.

“Through Shimmymob we like to support our local women’s refuge and raise awareness of domestic abuse within the community and across the world.

“We always welcome new members.

“Our classes allow for the very beginner to the advanced.”

Contact Julie on 0423 322298 or see Facebook – Essence of Ardour.


Julie Bendell, the founder of Essence Of Ardour, a local Nambucca Valley belly dancing group.

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