Getting axed means the shows goes on at Coramba Hotel’s Wood Chop competition

The tree felling contest.


CORAMBA Hotel welcomed The North Coast Axemen Association back for their annual Wood Chop competition, attracting an audience of over 300 throughout the day.

Peter Shipman, judge and wood supplier, told News Of The Area, “This event has four handicap competitions; the Bob Ferris Memorial 300mm Underhand, the Tree Felling event, Sawing and a Veterans Chop for axemen aged over 60.

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“We had 25 competitors from locals to guys coming up from the South Coast and Central Coast.

“The most outstanding axeman on the day was Wayne Woollard with four wins which was very pleasing to see.
“This axeman is well into his sixties.

“Other standout competitors were David Rumer, 32, who’s a good up-and-coming young axeman, and Curtis Bennet, who started young and is now an under-21 representative for Australia.

“Tommy Gill, aged nine, a Glen Innes lad, gave a promising performance in the 11-inch Underhand competition.”

Peter supplies the wood for most of the carnivals in the area and has been in the game for many years.

“Too many years,” he laughs.

“We’re always happy to welcome new members to the Association.

“We can get them set up,” said Peter.

Phone Peter Shipman on (0) 409 826 499, or email [email protected].

Dan Whiffen, Events Manager at North Coast Hotel Group, Owners of The Coramba Hotel, told News Of The Area, “Wood chopping is very much a tradition of this area.

“The hotel has a permanent fixture of wood chop blocks in the back garden.

“The Wood Chop is another one of our family-friendly events which is what it’s all about at Coramba Hotel…welcoming and entertaining families.”


Bob Ferris Memorial 300mm Underhand – Mitch Kirk

275mm Underhand Handicap – Wayne Woollard

275mm Standing Block Handicap – Wayne Woollard

250mm Standing Block Handicap – Curtis Bennet

Tree Felling Handicap – Wayne Woollard

Veterans Handicap – Wayne Woollard

Double Handed sawing – Glen Wilson and David Rumer.




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