Getting Ready for Easter Celebrations and Service Times

Anglican Rev. Davo preparing for all aspects of Easter.
Anglican Rev. Davo preparing for all aspects of Easter.


HIPPITY-HOP, the sound of the Easter Bunny can almost be heard on the streets of Port Stephens.

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With chocolate eggs, along with the obligatory hot cross buns, lining the shelves of supermarkets in every suburb, children are waiting expectantly for treats on Easter Sunday.

News Of The Area caught up with local Anglican Priest, David ‘Davo’ Davies for a one-on-one chat about what Easter is about.

For Christians across the world, Easter is the holiest of holy days on their religious calendar, and Davo, who also teaches Scripture to school children, explained why.

“At one level, Easter is the day that changed the whole world.”

“Nobody has ever come back from the dead before so it gives you hope that there is more to come than just this world.”

“Easter is a great event to look forward to.”

“Friday is often reflective and Sunday is the great celebration of Jesus coming to life again, so the services are joyous.”

Can people mix leisure time with celebrating the original reason for Easter, was a question posed to Davo.

He said, “Often we think it’s another a long weekend and most of my life I thought that too.”

“And it’s fun to go away and celebrate and be with family and friends.”

“But, if you’re not going away and need to do business with God, think about doing it at Easter because that’s a good time.”

In a hint to parishioners, Davo finished with, “I love chocolates and hot cross buns.”


By Heather SHARP

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