Girvan Rural Fire Brigade in critical need of members

Former captain Terry inspecting vehicles at the station.


GIRVAN Rural Fire Brigade – operational for more than six decades – nearly disbanded late last year due to declining membership.

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Since then, the Brigade has been able to fill some of the required field and administrative positions to save their station from closure.

“We’re in critical need of abled bodies who can attend fire calls, but that there are also non-operational positions available,” said Phil Hughes, Group Captain at Girvan Rural Fire Brigade.

“It’s volunteer so it’s very flexible in terms of commitment.”

“Family comes first so if you get a call and you’re not free, we look for someone else.”

The first step of the process is a membership application including 100 points of identification and an induction.

There’s then an online training element, followed by practical training which involves things such as operating hoses, pumps and more, until both the trainer and trainee feel comfortable with their knowledge and abilities.

The trainee is then assessed by an external RFS member before officially joining the crew.

“We have around four active members at the moment which is very low,” said Mr Hughes.

“We’d ideally like to have around 12 members.”

Mr Hughes said that some members are retirees looking for something interesting to occupy their time, while others are still working full or part-time and volunteering out of interest in the job itself.

“You’re helping the community and feel like a real essential part of it.”

“It happens all the time – we arrive in the middle of nowhere to save houses from bushfires which is so rewarding.”

“You also get a mateship out of it – making friends everywhere you go.”

If you live local to the Girvan area and are interested in volunteering with the Girvan Rural Fire Brigade, please contact Group Captain Phil Hughes at 0427787090 or [email protected].

There will also be a drop in meeting on October 1 at 7pm at the station on 9 Nugra Lane.



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