Government Supports Apprenticeships For Youth

MLC Catherine Cusack with new apprentice Mackenzie Goring. Photo by Marian Sampson.


APPRENTICESHIPS are definitely a way forward for the youth of Port Stephens and the Myall Coast.

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COVID-19 has decimated the opportunities available for young people and the Federal Budget has recognised the important role apprenticeships will play in securing the future for young people.

Past recessions have shown that only when young people are engaged in employment can long term reliance on welfare be avoided.

Local Mackenzie Goring is about to embark on her HSC exams and is proud to say that she has secured an apprenticeship in hairdressing.

Mackenzie Goring told News Of The Area, “I will be starting at Meraki Hair Society, at Anna Bay.”

Mackenzie engaged in a trial at the salon and “really loved it.”

“I have always wanted to work in hair and beauty,” she said.

She is looking forward to joining the team and starting her career.

Catherine Cusack, Member of the Legislative Council, told News Of The Area, “There has been a real focus on apprenticeships for young people, I think it is safe to say it is almost the number one priority of every level of government, to get our economy back up working again.

“We are working to try to make up for lost opportunities of the last 6-12 months, because we know that if a generation of young people miss out on a year or two years unemployed it becomes almost impossible for them and they become overwhelmed and they are looking at a lifetime of joblessness and hopelessness,” she said.

Catherine also recognised the difficult time faced by women in the job market due to the pandemic.

She believes we have good evidence from the Global Financial Crisis on what needs to be done to support young people to achieve good outcomes and apprenticeships are one positive way in which the government is supporting our youth.

The Federal Budget is supporting businesses to employ apprentices with employers targeted with incentives to employ young people to grow their skilled workforce.

She believes that assisting business to get back on its feet will help individuals and our youth find employment.

Catherine is also keen to see training in place for industries that need quality staff such as aged care.



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