Grahamstown Public School leaders to uphold strong values of their school

2018 Grahamstown Public School leaders.
2018 Grahamstown Public School leaders.


GRAHAMSTOWN Public School are proud to introduce their 2018 leaders, who will work together to ensure the school’s ethos of working together to grow with pride, learn for life and strive to be the best that they can be is upheld.

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Grahamstown Public School strives for quality teaching which leads to outstanding learning.

The School captains are Ellie Ping and Aiden Bessant, the leaders are Aidan Fellows, Baydn Burns, Taj Cashen, Isis Sheedy, Ashlynn Pearce, Ruby Ryan Kyan Davis and Wilbur Bradbery.

The leaders run school functions, such as assemblies and parliament.

They welcome visitors to the school and represent the school at community events.

Principal Michele Winn told News Of The Area, “This year, the school has a strong focus on developing the critical and creative thinking skills that our children will need in the ever changing world they will be growing up in.”

“They will be actively engaged in inquiry based learning, challenged through STEM activities and engaged in ICT activities that will we as parents can’t even imagine.”

Grahamstown Public School has a strong emphasis on student wellbeing, which underpins the culture of support for learning.

Mrs Winn says, “Our whole school structure fosters an environment where education is valued, diversity is respected and individuals support each other to connect, succeed and thrive.”

“We acknowledge and develop the ‘whole child’ through rigorous and varied support and wellbeing programs,” she added.

At Grahamstown Public School, parents, carers and the wider school community are engaged in positive relationships and work together to develop respectful and responsible citizens who show pride in themselves and their community.

Positive Behaviours for Learning are explicitly taught in school and across the wider community. Partnerships with the local AECG and Murrook Cultural Centre support us to foster strong cultural connections.

Strong relationships with various Port Stephens Child and Family agencies and other networks, support our students and their families to be the best that they can be.


By Rachael VAUGHAN

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