Great Lakes Council Mayor, Jan McWilliam gives update

Local Government Week

We have kicked August off with Local Government Week, there are many activities for people of all ages during this NSW-wide celebration of Local Government and the services provided by Councils.
The Library is running a series of events for children from birth to 18 years of age and Council is putting the spotlight on our support for the frail aged and disabled people in our community.
There will be an information stall in Stockland Forster on Thursday morning on 7 August, why not drop by and have a chat and find out what’s available for older and disabled residents?
You can see the full program of activities on Council’s website or pick up a brochure from our offices or libraries, or call us on 6591 7377.

CitizenshipJan McWilliams Great lakes Council Mayor

At our Launch of Local Government Week on Tuesday 5 August, we held a very moving naturalisation ceremony for three local Great Lakes residents.
To become an Australian citizen is a giant step for people who are making Australia their home, and the ceremonies are always very emotional for everyone in attendance.
If you have never seen a citizenship ceremony, I encourage you to attend our next Ceremony on Australia Day which is always a huge success with many naturalisations taking place.
They are public events and you will be very welcome.

Alzheimer’s Australia 21

It would be remiss of me not to wish Council’s three participants in the 21 day brain challenge the best of luck as they work their way through the Challenge from 1 August until 21 August.
Alzheimer’s Australia reports that the Great Lakes Local Government Area has the highest incidence of dementia in NSW.
So our General Manager Glenn Handford, Corporate and Community Services Director Steve Embry and Councillor Leigh Vaughan are fighting back by undertaking the challenge. They are learning new skills in chess and music to keep their brains healthy for the 21 day period.

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