Greens launch MidCoast Council campaign led by Dheera Smith

Sallie Colechin, Jessica Harris, Eleanor Spence, Dheera Smith, Denis Duval and Helen Holliday.


THE Greens have launched their 2021 campaign for MidCoast Council with leading candidate Dheera Smith addressing plans for the party if elected.

Centred around an idea of grassroots democracy, the party believes there is an opportunity to achieve better environmental and equity outcomes.

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Dheera Smith spoke about the plans to work with the community to identify key issues for the region including transport, affordable housing, protection of habitat and sustainable jobs and industry, in which the Greens believe are all connected to local government planning and climate change.

“The Greens believe if we don’t plan for climate change, we are planning to fail.

“The first question on every new development application should be ‘How will this impact on the climate?’” Dheera said.

The other Greens ticket members are Sallie Colechin, Denis Duval, Jessica Harris, Helen Holliday and Eleanor Spence, working around three priority issues including caring for the unique natural environment, sustainability through recycled materials for roads, public transport and sustainable jobs.

“Council environment plans that have no budget are merely paper tigers.

“Surveys are telling the council that ratepayers value the environment and the Council needs to listen to the community and actively protect its valuable natural resources.

“Addressing the issues of habitat, housing, transportation and future jobs will go a long way to making our towns, cities, villages and rural properties comfortable and secure,” Dheera said.

Ms Smith’s other priority for Council is affordable social housing, particularly for school leavers.

“Housing stress is reaching a crisis point in the region’s towns and cities.

“Local councils should be playing a larger part in tackling this issue.

“An audit of council properties where low-cost housing could be provided is needed urgently.

“Redevelopment must prioritise social and affordable housing,” Ms Smith said.



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