Greg Mutton, Bundabah opinion on MidCoast Rate Rise



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I READ with interest the article by reporter Daniel Sahyoun in the Myall Coast News Of The Area dated Thursday 2 November 2017 and the comments made by the GM of Mid Coast Council, Mr Handford saying, ‘You can’t go to the Government with your begging bowl all the time’ when referring to his actions in circumventing due democratic process to justify the special rate rise.

It appears that Mr Handford believes his actions in this matter are [justified]? He also stated that Stephen Bromhead has made a public commitment to obtaining $50 million grant from the state government to match the $50 million loan that Council has applied for.

So far all that has happened is two public servants have ignored the legislation in place and convinced a South Coast MLC, Paul Green, into pushing through their personal desire for more funding.

Why use Paul Green, easy answer he has no care and no responsibility for this area. Why not Stephen Bromhead, if he is so committed to improving infrastructure, why didn’t he push for the rate increase. Again a simple answer, he had his seat to lose, if the public retaliated, and what of our own MP, Kate Washington, we hear nothing from her on this issue?

Greg Mutton

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