Hawks Nest bakery goes above and beyond for boy with leukaemia

Oli and his sister, Belle, with Belinda and Callum at Kelly’s Famous Bakehouse


5-YEAR-OLD Oliver Surtees has always looked forward to visits with his grandparents in Hawks Nest, and more recently, Kelly’s Famous Bakehouse.

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Oli’s mother, Kelly Surtees, said that Oliver started showing keen interest in how things were made there, and would often peek over the counter to see what was happening.

“Every morning that we’re with my parents, Oli and my daughter, Isabelle, head to the bakery to get a treat before we start the day,” she said.

“We’ve been doing this for a really long time, and Belinda and Callum are always so friendly and welcoming of the kids.”

“Eventually, they started setting aside a little area for Oli and Belle to partake in making or decorating their own treats to take home, and even gave Oli a little bakers hat,” she said.

Eight months ago, Oli was diagnosed with leukaemia.

“My parents mentioned his diagnosis to the bakery and they were devastated by the news,” Ms Surtees said.

“It was really touching to know that they felt that deeper connection with our son, like he does with them.”

Since his diagnosis, Oli has only been able to visit his grandparents a handful of times, but each time he asks to see Belinda, Callum, and the bakery.

Ms Surtees said, “When we ask him what he’s most excited for, he says playing on the beach, or fishing, but also that he can’t wait to go to the bakery to see what Callum needs help with this time.”

Recently, for Oli’s fifth birthday, the bakery let him decorate his own finger bun, and mixed up the special colour that he chose for the icing.

“It’s a definite highlight for the kids, and gets them excited to get up in the morning.”

Oli is now in remission and able to enjoy more frequent visits to see his grandparents – and his friends at the bakery.




Oli cooking and enjoying his Bakehouse creations at home


Some of Oli and Belle’s pasty creations

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