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BRIDGE Club members look with much hope and optimism that later this year we may all see a return to normal which allows all members to participate in the game they love and to be able to use their clubhouse once again for social functions.

The club has several new members who are looking forward to meeting all members during playing bridge and likewise members getting to welcome them to the club.

We have been able to welcome back some visitors who have complied with all our best practice safety protocols.

As President of the HNBC Committee, Leslie Falla is always available and welcomes you to contact him with any questions you may have about playing at the bridge club. Leslie can be contacted on 0413 487 282
Bridge Results

Monday 3/1/22 1

. Carol Richards & Sue Matheson

2. Adrian Ryan & Eric White
3. Peter Baily & Gordon Morrison

Wednesday 5/ 1/22 N/S

1. Bea Treharne & Sue Matheson
2. Adrian Ryan & Eric White
3.Anne Remment & Shirley Sinclair E/W

1. Esther Digby & Shayne Fuller
2. Liz Howarth & Pam Jones
3. Peter Baily & Beverley Richardson

Friday 7/1/22 N/S

1.. Peter Baily & Gordon Morrison
2. Elke Greenlagh & Gary Melrose
3. Bea Treharne & Sue Matheson

Monday 10/1/22 N/S

1.. Chez Rands & Leslie Falla
2. Carol Richards & Sue Matheson
3. Shayne Fuller & Shirley Sinclair E/W Bea Treharne & Roy Song

2. Brian Ness & Peter Baily
3. Dawn Dale & Margaret Rowden

Wednesday 12/1/22 N/S

1. Peter Baily & Beverley Richardson
2..= Helen White & Jo Younghusband

2=.Anne Remment & Shirley Sinclair
3. Adrian Ryan & Eric White

E/W1. Esther Digby & Shayne Fuller

2. Neryl Grehan & Jean Glover
3. Liz Howarth & Pam Jones

Friday 14/1/22 N/S

1. Chez Rands & Leslie Falla
2.= Shirley Pearson & Beth Williams
2=Peter Baily & Gordon Morrison
3. Margaret Rowden & Elizabeth Buckpitt E/W

1. Neryl Grehan & Jean Glover
2..Bea Treharne & Sue Matheson
3.. Esther Digby & Jo Younghusband


By Elizabeth BUCKPITT

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