Hawks Nest Bridge Club

Currently, members are playing in teams for the GNOTS competition which is held over two Fridays.

There are eight teams competing and instead of playing 2, 3, or 4 boards at a time which is the normal format, the teams play 8 boards before moving to the next round.

Four rounds are played in one session.

The feedback from players is very positive and everyone seems to really enjoy having 8 boards to play.

Not to mention the stiff competition.

There are many regional and zonal competitions in coming months where members from HNBC will participate.

We wish our teams very good luck in representing the HNBC.

Bridge Results

Monday 30/5/21 N/S 1. Shirley Pearson & Beth Williams 2.Chez Rands & Leslie Falla 3. Carol Richards & Sue Matheson.

Wednesday 2/6/21 N/S 1. Margaret Rowden & Sally Aldrich 2. Adrian Ryan & Eric White 3. Helen White & Jo Younghusband E/W 1.Esther Digby & Shayne Fuller 2. Sue Bowen & Sylvia Schmeding 3. Dawn Dale & Susan Helsen

Friday 4/6/21 N/S 1. Chez Rands & Leslie Falla 2. Bea Treharne & Roy Song 2. Liz Howarth & Davina O’Brien 3. Esther Digby & Jo Younghusband

Monday 7/6/21 N/W 1. Chez Rands & Leslie Falla 2. Pamela & Breton Gibbs 3.Carolyn Bywater & Jo Younghusband

Wednesday 9/6/21 N/W 1.Esther Digby & Shayne Fuller 2. Liz Howarth & Pam Jones 3.Jo Younghusband & Helen White

Friday 11/6/21 GNOTS & Team Shield Round 1 The following event will be held on Friday 18.

Good luck to those teams playing in the competition and full details will appear in the next Newsletter.

Contact is Peter Baily on 0423 261 875 or [email protected]

HNBC Handicap Championship Programme

July 2021                                              September 2021

Round 1 Wednesday 14                     Round 1 Friday 3

Round 2 Wednesday 21                     Round 2 Friday 10

Round 3 Wednesday 28                     Round 3 Friday 17


By Elizabeth BUCKPITT

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