Hawks Nest Bridge Club hosts a ‘Meet the Club’ Social


EVERY autumn, the Hawks Nest Bridge Club, under the leadership of President Leslie Falla, runs a series of lessons for those wanting to learn bridge.

Last year, lessons were a little disrupted by the Covid pandemic but Leslie and his group of mentors soldiered on with the help of Zoom technology.

As a result, there are several new members now playing regularly at the Club – for some, it can be quite a big step from the anonymity of playing on the internet to sitting face to face at the bridge tables!

After the restrictions on playing last year, it was decided the Club would hold a social event for locals interested in finding out more about this stimulating game.

About twenty people plus members turned up at the Clubhouse on Monday 26 April for drinks and nibbles and a chat about the game of bridge.

This was a first for the Club and members were encouraged by the enthusiastic response and interest shown by our visitors.

A couple of demonstration games were played – which might have bemused more than educated at this early stage! – but most were not deterred.

As a result, lessons will be starting in early May at the Clubhouse on Thursday afternoons led by Leslie, an experienced Bridge teacher.

After six lessons, with practice hands to play, plus another six supervised transition sessions, the Club is looking forward to welcoming a new intake of members later in the year who will hopefully come to enjoy this challenging game at our friendly and social Club sessions.


Monday 19/4/21 N/S 1. Chez Rands & Leslie Falla 2. Liz Caro & Trish Thatcher 3. Carol Richards & Sue Matheson E/W 1. Jeanette Whalan & Bea Treharne 2. Shayne Fuller & Shirley Sinclair 3. Peter Baily & Susan Helsen
Wednesday 21/4/21 N/S 1. Carolyn Bywater & Beth Williams 2. Margaret Rowden & Sally Aldrich 3. Liz Howarth & Shirley Sinclair E/W 1. Shayne Fuller & Davina O’Brien 2. Wilma Drake & Eric White 3. Sue Bowen & Sylvia Schmeding

Friday 23/4/21 N/S 1. Dawn Bridges & Michael Forte 2. Shirley Pearson & Beth Williams 3. Bea Treharne & Sue Matheson E/W 1. Liz Howarth & Davina O’Brien 2. Jan Armstrong & Brian West 3. Jean Glover & Neryl Grehan
Monday 26/4/21 N/S 1. Chez Rands & Leslie Falla 2. Jeanette Whalan & Sue Matheson 3. Linda Conroyy & Glenn Conroy E/W 1. Shirley Sinclair & Shayne Fuller 2. Bea Treharne & Roy Song 3. Liz Howarth & Davina O’Brien
Wednesday 28/4/21 N/S 1. Shirley Pearson & Beth Williams 2.Margaret Rowden & Dianne Russell 3. Liz Howarth & Susan Helsen E/W 1. Esther Digby & Shayne Fuller 2. Jan Armstrong & Dawn Dale 3. Robyn Mirabito & Wilma Bonney

Friday 30/4/21 N/S 1. Chez Rands & Leslie Falla 2 Jim & Trish Thatcher. 3. Jeanette Whalan & Carol Richards E/W 1. Bea Treharne & Roy Song 2. Esther Digby & Jo Younghusband 3. Jean Glover & Neryl Grehan


By Esther DIGBY

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