Hawks Nest Golf Club Social Club

James Ureta and Jenna Kirwan
James Ureta and Jenna Kirwan


Hawks Nest Golf Club Social Club

TWENTY two players for darts this week including a few new faces.

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The winners for the evening were Jenna Kirwan and James Ureta.

The runners up were Geoff Smith and Darby. Ladies high score by Lyn Peirson was 100 and the men’s high score was 140 by Darren Rapley.

Last weekend saw another successful fishing outing with a good number of ludrick and bream caught.

Carol Hunt was the ladies winner and Marion Smith was the runner up.

Geoff Smith was the men’s winner including a best of species for ludrick and Robert Bartlett was runner up.




Carol Hunts (left) Geoff Smith (right)
Carol Hunts (left)
Geoff Smith (right)

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