Hawks Nest Vets


HAWKS Nest Vets four Person Ambrose

21/12/2021 (Last day)

Front Nine

1. Sean Mullins, Thomas Gallagher, Errol Chivers, Ronald Wright. (28.625)
2. Robert A Ziehike, Tony Ward, Roger Sykes, Roger Chivers (28.75)

Balls to (32.5)

Back Nine
1. Noel Stokes, Barry Hall, Ron Rowe, John Hutchings. (28.875)
2. Ross Weightman, Mike Forte, Richard Booth, Greg Blyton (29.125)

Balls to (31.875)

We Wish all our Vets a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Golf resumes on Tuesday 4/1/22.

Balls to 16c/b

Back Nine

1. William Hopkins(19c/b)
2. Denis Casey (19c/b)
3. Paul Hunt (19c/b)
4. Brian Calverley (19))

Balls to 14c/b

3rd Paul Fordy

5th Ronald Wright *Hole In One*

10th James Slater

16th Peter Nealon



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