Heatherbrae opens their door to the new bunnings

Bunnings staff Bryce Reed, Danny Everson and Michele Hammond.
Bunnings staff Bryce Reed, Danny Everson and Michele Hammond.


THE big blue building in Heatherbrae is now the big green building, and it’s transformation is complete.

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The doors to Heatherbrae Bunnings officially opened last week, with a long line of excited shoppers lined up to be the first in the doors.

Everyone seemingly brought their manners with them, and the opening went smoothly, as everyone filed in to check out the new wares on display.

Bunnings Warehouse Heatherbrae Complex Manager, Michele Hammond, told News Of The Area, “We’re so excited about the turn out, and the support of our local community.”

“It was a big last week, rushing to get everything ready in time to open.”

“I’m so happy it’s all come together,” she said.

The 12,000 timber square Bunnings store now encompasses more than 130 local staff as official team members,
The store features all the inclusions of any other Bunnings, with the added extra of a three lane timber yard drive though area, a bigger playground and a modern cafe.

Several of the new team members are also qualified tradespeople with skills in horticulture machinery, plumbing and Bunnings Warehouse Heatherbrae is located at 8 Griffin Street, Heatherbrae.

The store is currently in altered holiday hours, due to public holidays, but the new set times for the store will be available and online soon.

The weekend barbecues are also set to begin soon, and community groups are invited to submit their requests to book out a fundraising weekend.


By Rachael VAUGHAN

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