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Helpful love creator, mother and modern marriage celebrant, Kim Oakhill Photos supplied by Helpful Love
Helpful love creator, mother and modern marriage celebrant, Kim Oakhill
Photos supplied by Helpful Love

WHEN Port Stephens mother of two, Kim Oakhill, experienced the loss of a friends’ child in 2014, she wanted to do more for the family than just send flowers.

Kim told News Of The Area, “Flowers are a lovely gesture, but not particularly helpful. I searched everywhere for something that was a bit different.”

“Something useful or helpful. Something that said – I am so sorry. I could never imagine in a million years what you’re going through, but here’s a little something that may help you through this unimaginable time in your life.”

Kim started bouncing the idea of an online community of local service providers who provide helpful and/or unique services, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

She had a vision of an online community of vendors who wanted to genuinely make a difference.

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And so, the Helpful Love movement was created.

Helpful love is growing by the day with current vendors offering domestic cleaning, lawn mowing, remedial massage, fruit and vegetable deliveries, personal styling, spiritual healing, hair and makeup, mobile mechanic services, family photography sessions and even private lounge room concerts.

It is a perfect solution for those looking for a helpful, practical gift during tough times, or even happy times – like a new baby, an engagement gift, a birthday present for those who could use some help.

The Helpful Love website promotes a directory of quality vendors, which allows people to research ideas and book directly with their preferred vendor if they know what their friend or loved one would need. If they are unsure of the exact type of service to arrange, they can purchase a Helpful Love Gift Voucher from $50 that the recipient can redeem with any Helpful Love vendor they choose.

In addition to the Helpful Love vendor community, Helpful Love also consists of a team of brand reps affectionately known as “Helpful LoveRs”.  They are currently stay at home parents with young children seeking flexible, soul fulfilling opportunities, and they are paramount to Helpful Love’s growth and success.

Kim’s mission is to spread Helpful Love across NSW by the end of the year, and by next year, to have a presence across Australia.

For more information contact:  Kim Oakhill 0422 772 219  [email protected]


By Rachael VAUGHAN

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