Hipcamp Survey reveals staycations growing in popularity

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HIPCAMP, the world’s largest provider of outdoor stays, reports that 61% of Australians have no holidays planned and are in great need for an escape.

But with many people hesitant to book a holiday due to the changing and unpredictable nature of border closures many are choosing to stay at home and holiday locally.

Hipcamp surveyed one thousand Australians coast-to-coast to create a clear picture of current attitudes toward camping and understand more about upcoming holiday plans.

Their survey returned data results of 61% saying they had no holiday plans for the next six months.

Nearly a quarter of survey participants nationally cited ‘staycations’ as the most viable holiday plan for the next six months.

In NSW that figure was the highest in the country at 28.3% of respondents thinking a ‘staycation’ is the most realistic vacation for the next 6 months.

This figure beat the national average of 24%.

And 28.3% of NSW participants in the HIpcamp survey said they’ve booked a staycation already.

A Hipcamp spokesperson told News Of The Area “It’s been so long since some Australians have had a ‘legit’ holiday, that over a quarter (29.3%) say that they ‘can’t remember’ the last time they actually took one.”

Interestingly, 19% say they had a holiday just before COVID and 16.7% say their last holiday was two years ago, meaning a combined total of 35.7% of Australians haven’t had a vacation for 15 to 24 months.

Hipcamp is a fully remote company that gives a growing community of good-natured people the opportunity to list, discover, and book unique outdoor experiences.

Hipcamp has also implemented COVID-19 safety guidelines to ensure hosts, campers, and local communities are protected and recreating responsibly.

These guidelines include encouragement to practice social distancing, travel in small groups, and book zero contact stays.

Hipcamp also requires hosts to abide by vigorous cleaning and disinfecting protocols.


By Sandra MOON

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