Hockey Coffs Coast welcomes all comers

Action from the Bellingen Bullrouts v Orara Owls women’s match.


IT was a night out with her father which led to Ashton Rose playing the game she loves.

“I had never played hockey before this year, and I was out having dinner with dad,” she said.

“Dad wanted to come watch the hockey which was very random.

“So we came here to watch a game at night, and I met half of the Bellingen team and they said ‘ok, you’re joining our team we start next week.”

After never having played hockey before, the 19-year-old joined the Bellingen Bullrouts team which plays in the Hockey Coffs Coast’s women’s competition.

The new hockey player told News Of The Area about the support she had received starting out in a new sport.

“I’ve only been playing for eight weeks and a lot of them have taken me under their wing being a new player,” she said.

“That’s the thing about hockey, other teams coach you through the game when I was lost on the field, they stood there and helped.”

After playing football for the Sawtell Scorpions for four years, the Bellingen player said hockey was now the sport for her.

“I love soccer but hockey is something different and I love learning new skills, and Bellingen is an amazing club and has been so supportive.”

Rose’s team the Bellingen Bullrouts won their third division match 3-0 against the Orara Owls during the latest round of the Hockey Coffs Coast season.

Hockey Coffs Coast – Round 11 results.

Women’s division 1.

Beaches Seahorses 4 def. Orara Gems 1

Bellingen Magpies 2 def. UNOs 0

Women’s division 2

Norths Tigers 1 def. Orara Emus 0

Urunga Marlins 0 drew. Beaches Sea Dragons 0

Women’s division 3

Bellingen Bullrouts 1 def. Orara Owls 0

Norths Roar 0 drew. Beaches Great Whites 0

Bellingen Bullrouts 3 def. Orara Owls 0

Men’s division 1

Urunga Thunda 4 def. Bellingen 1

Beaches Mackerels 3 def. Orara Falcons 1

Men’s division 2

Beaches Makos 2 def. Beaches Coast Hotel Camels 0

Urunga Storm 12 def. Norths Lions 1

Urunga Cyclones 0 drew. Orara Ravens 0

Beaches Makos 6 def. Norths Lions 1




Action from the Bellingen Bullrouts v Orara Owls women’s match.

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