Homelessness on the Coffs Coast – how can I help?

Homeless man’s last place of residence


A 45-YEAR-OLD man has passed away in the Sawtell park adjacent to the Surf Life Saving Club on Fourth Avenue.

Police report that on Thursday morning, around 11am, locals noticed the man appearing to be unwell and called an ambulance.

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The paramedics arrived and performed CPR but sadly the man could not be revived.

Coffs Harbour police attended the scene.

Sawtell Community Facebook group members have shared their feelings about the man’s passing; commenting on their feelings of carrying guilt, asking themselves whether they could have done anything to help him when they saw him in the park earlier in the week.

There is a general feeling of sadness that this man died, homeless and alone.

Tara Rigby Greenaway, who runs a business in Sawtell and lives in Boambee told News Of The Area, “I spoke briefly with him on Tuesday, but he was pretty unresponsive.

“I just felt in that moment that the homelessness crisis really isn’t something we can ‘fix’.

“It’s something we need to change within the system for families/birthing mothers and cutting reliance on the medical system.

“Adult trauma is always childhood trauma.

“Mothers birthing without safety is trauma, this affects parenting and choices and habits; this is passed directly and indirectly to the children and so on and so on”

CEO of Hope for the Homeless, Dean Evers, told News Of The Area, “Firstly, I’m very sad to hear of the passing of the gentleman at Sawtell.

“My sincere condolences to his family.

“People often ask me ‘how can I help?’.

“I just remind them they are individuals too.

“You could introduce yourself, ask how they are and if you want, ask if you can help them in some way.

“Maybe ask if they want some food or some water and then be prepared to go and buy something for them.

“Services that might be able to assist homeless individuals and families are Hope for the Homeless and funded services Pete’s Place, Mission Australia and New Horizons.”



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