How to stay fire safe this Christmas

A simple olive tree that can be planted in the garden at a later date decorated with lights and Christmas spirit.


AS we approach the festive season, for many that means putting up the Christmas Tree and lights.

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While that might look great and spread Christmas cheer it is important to check that these additions to our homes are safe.

Candles are also a great way to add atmosphere at Christmas but they do offer additional hazards around the home.

Often we pull the tree down and pack it away in the New Year, failing to run a check of the electricals, so it is important that when we set up our tree we check that everything is safe.

Simple things like using an overload protected powerboard can help make a difference.

Electrical cords should not be twisted or tangled and only leads designed for use outdoors should be used outdoors.

Giacomo Arnott, Deputy Captain Raymond Terrace Fire and Rescue told News Of The Area,

“As we head into the Christmas season, we all need to remember that fire safety is important year round.

“We love seeing amazing Christmas light displays as much as the next emergency service, but you can’t overload your power boards.

“Running multiple power boards off one power point is extremely dangerous and can lead to a fire occurring.

“Your local Fire & Rescue crew does not want to have to visit you and try to put out a fire in your living room caused by an overloaded power board.

“If you have Christmas candles going, make sure they’re away from combustible material and blow them out when you leave the room.

“We hope everyone has a safe Christmas, and these safety tips will ensure that,” he said.



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