Humans Of The Area Alan Triscott Co-Founder of Little Athletics Australia

Kate and Alan Triscott.
Kate and Alan Triscott.


WE’D like to introduce Alan Triscott of Fingal Bay, co-founder of Little Athletics Australia.

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In 1963, at a senior athletic event in Geelong, three boys wanted to compete, however at under 12 years old they were refused.

Acknowledging their disappointment, Trevor Billingham offered to run some races for them and their friends on the following Saturday.

Alan was there when they had their first event and kindly offered to help.

Alan Triscott told News Of The Area, “It was a decision that changed my life forever!”

The children who were at the first meeting came back the following Saturday and brought more friends and in no time 200 children were participating.

Each athlete was given a simple ticket, showing the times they had achieved in races and events.

“The senior club allowed the use of their equipment.

“The youths enjoyed the participation in the sport, particularly as they could all participate without having any outstanding talents,” he said.

To help children compete effectively Alan developed a discus made of a rubber compound and with the help of senior champions, perfected a shape and weight which is still in use today.

By 1966 there were 1200 children registered and 850 were always there every Saturday morning.

Alan and his co-founder Trevor Billingham spent the following two years driving all over Victoria guiding communities to start over one hundred Little Athletics Centres.

In 1972 The Australian Little Athletics Union was formed.

Alan was the first Secretary/Treasurer and can proudly boast, that there have been six million children, including many Olympians who have passed through the ranks of Little Athletics in the 52 years of its existence.

Now 90 years young and a life member of Little Athletics Australia, Alan no longer takes an active part in the organisation any more, but is very happy that it so going strong.

Alan and Kate are both active members of the Probus Club of Port Stephens.



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