Hunt and Brownlie Win The Pairs for Nambucca Men’s Bowls

Runners up Ken Summerville and John Reynolds and winner Graham Hunt and Chris Brownlie.


THE warmer weather has started to see some bowlers come out of hibernation and back onto the greens.

If numbers continue to grow, the old grass green may soon be packed with bowlers setting up vans and tents waiting for a game of bowls.

Wednesday 28 July attracted 34 players and would’ve been more if some players decided to stick to bowls than fishing misadventures, but we won’t mention anyone Pushbike Paul, Bob Ramjet Sutton and The Good Brother Graham Hunt.

The winners of the day were Ray Long, John Richardson and Danny Curran.

Second place went to Stuart Thorn, Glen Brady and Mick The Mad Rooster Boyle.

Third Place was won by a pairs game of Dennis The Menace Graham and Bill Mangroves Coughlan, which means another $10 donated to the new green.

The lucky losers were Stan Flack, Cec Smith and Bruce Mason.

The lucky bowler was Don Dollar Lean, who couldn’t win the $210 jackpot, which is unusual for Don.

Friday 30 July attracted 62 bowlers, which is only two bowlers off the maximum, as we currently only have one green.

Friday was sponsored by Laverty’s Funeral Directors and thanks to them, it meant double prizes.

Most teams won a prize, and those that didn’t quickly fired in a protest.

The first winning team of the day was Wayne Bolton, Shaun Smith, Ken Summerville and Tony Mirror Man Urquhart.

The other team to claim first prize was Terry Harvey, David Moore, Terry Snowden and Fred Glasson.

The second place winners were John McCollom, Bob Ramjet Sutton, Dave The Beast Ogilvy and Grant Lawrence.

The team of Stan Flack, Bill Mangroves Coughlan and Danny Curran also collected a second place.

Third place prizes went to Chris D’elboux, Gary Tierney, Mick Targett and Mick Audsley.

The second third place prize winner was the team of Don Lean, Paul Holden, Alan Cosgrave and Bruce Mason.

The lucky losers prizes were won by Jack Young, Tommy Turbo Reynolds, John Stewart and Tony Stokes.

Also collecting a lucky losers prize was the team of Bill Miernik, Ian Take Grass Blain, Billy Blackford and Lucky Laurie Summers.

The lucky bowler was Grant Lawrence who received the most cheers and applause ever heard at the bowling club.

With the jackpot only being $120, Grant was advised by teammate Dave Ogilvy that it wasn’t worth winning and to let it jackpot to next week, which is exactly what he did.

Saturday 31 July saw the highly anticipated major pairs final between Ken Summerville and John Reynolds against Graham Hunt and Chris Brownlie.

Graham and Chris came into the final as the bookmakers favourites, even though Ken and Johnny had been the giant killers of the tournament.

After losing the first end, Graham and Chris skipped out to an early lead of 10-2.

Ken and Johnny weren’t going to let their opposition have everything their own way, and through good bowls and determination got the score back to 14 – 12, and were well within striking distance just after half time.

Graham and Chris quickly strung a few ends together and the margin soon became 10.

Ken and Johnny tried hard and played good bowls, but the class and experience of Graham and Chris saw them run out winners 31 – 13.

The final score was not a true indication of the closeness of the match and congratulations must go to all four players.

A reminder to all bowlers that Wednesday is club selected triples starting at 1pm, Friday is nominated Fours / Triples starting at 1pm and starting this Saturday August 7 is the first round of the minor singles.

This week’s play of the week went to an incident away from bowls that involved three of the club’s bowlers.

Two of the club’s bowlers decided since they can’t bowl, they might as well go fishing with one of the pairs’ champions.

Lucky for these 2 bowlers, Graham the good brother Hunt was there once again to save the day.

I suggest Bob Rex Hunt Sutton and Paul Pushbike Michel stick to playing bowls.


By Angry’s CORNER

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