Hunter residents to see hike in water prices

Hunter Water rates may raise from July 1 2016
Hunter Water rates may raise from July 1 2016

LAST week’s IPART determination will see a significant increase in water prices for Hunter residents.

The determination, which will come into affect from July 1, will see the average household water bill increase by 18.2 per cent or an extra $193 a year by 2020.
A pensioner would face a water and sewerage bill increase of $132 a year (around 19.8 per cent).

The price determined by IPART is far in excess of the increase sought by Hunter Water – which had asked for a $69 increase for pensioners over the same period.

This massive increase in water bills in the Hunter comes at the same time that the Government announced a $100decrease in water bills for Sydney Water customers.

While the Government held a large media conference yesterday in Sydney congratulating themselves for water bill reductions for Sydney Water customers there was no sign of the Government in the Hunter to explain to residents here why they have to pay so much more.

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While customers have to pay more for their water rest assured that the NSW treasury is the big winner.

During Budget Estimate hearing in September Hunter Water admitted that the Government will increased the dividend taken from the corporation by more than 40 per cent.

In 2014-15 Hunter Water paid $21.3 million to the State Government.

This year it’s forecast to be $29.9 million, a massive increase of $8.6 million.

From 2014 to 2017 the NSW Government has demanded that Hunter Water hand over $80 million in dividends from Hunter Water.

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