Huon Aquaculture information from Department of Primary Industries


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THE installation of the mooring grid for sea pens for Yellowtail Kingfish is proceeding well on the Marine Aquaculture Research Lease in Providence Bay.

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Cardinal markers and much of the grid have been installed in preparation to receive two sea pens, currently constructed and moored in Newcastle Harbour.

Huon Aquaculture will bring one of the floating sea pens just inside Tomaree off the Boulders in the coming week to install netting.

In consultation with RMS and Marine Parks, a temporary mooring will be placed on sandy sea bed in around 7 metres of water.

The mooring consists of two flat-bottomed cylindrical concrete blocks (3 tonne each) approximately 40 metres apart.

The mooring will be in place from 8 October to 18 October, and Huon will remove it as soon as the works are completed.

One sea pen will be towed from Newcastle directly to the Research Lease.

The other sea pen will come through the heads to the Boulders, providing a more sheltered location to rig the nets before it is towed out to Providence Bay. Subsequent sea pens for the research lease will most likely be rigged on location without needing to make this detour into Port Stephens. The nets will not be dropped to full depth until after the pen has been towed out and moored on the farm lease. During net installation, noise will be limited to boat engines and hydraulic cranes, and the work will take place between dawn and dusk with no lights other than any required for navigational safety.


Ian Lyall

Dept of Primary Industries






One thought on “Huon Aquaculture information from Department of Primary Industries

  1. Ive been told by a few of the local fishermen that all the fish poo is going to wash back into the Bay when there’s really rough weather, is this true?

    I really hope not, I know how smelly my kids fish tank can get and that’s just 3 goldfish. Imagine how bad the poo from hundreds of thousands of fish all over the Bay would smell!

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