Indigenous musician shares his culture through music

DIDGERIDOO: Talented performer Matthew Williams from Tea Gardens.
DIDGERIDOO: Talented performer Matthew Williams from Tea Gardens.

SEVENTEEN-year-old Matthew Williams from Tea Gardens hopes to travel the world and share his culture.

A self-taught accomplished musician, Matthew has been playing the didgeridoo for the past five years and said he likes to create his own style of music.

“It’s part of my culture and I like to share that with everyone,” Matthew told News Of The Area.

“I try to incorporate different sounds into my music that represent our unique environment.”

The distinct Australian sounds of dingoes, kookaburras and kangaroos can be clearly heard in his performances above the constant resonate drone.

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Matthew said he enjoys playing the didgeridoo but learning the different techniques were challenging to start.

“Circular breathing took a fair while to pick up and be able to do correctly,” he said.

“I now like to experiment with different rhythms and techniques such beatboxing when I’mplaying the instrument.”

Matthew has given many performances in schools throughout the area and said the highlight has been teaching the younger students about his culture.

Matthew also plays the guitar and is a talented sportsperson who has competed at State Cross Country and Athletics Championships.


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