Informed Medical Options Party Candidate Angela Ketas discusses upcoming election

Angela Ketas is the candidate for the Informed Medical Options Party.


IN the upcoming Federal Election, the Informed Medical Options Party (IMOP) has endorsed Angela Ketas as their candidate for Paterson.

Angela has a background in health and law, as a registered nurse and a barrister defending human, environmental and animal rights.

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For the past ten years, Angela has worked for an independent school, supporting it in all aspects of school safety and child protection and is trained as a child protection investigator.

Angela believes that one of her strengths is risk analysis.

“I worked on the Gretley Colliery inquiry and it was here that I gained foundational skills in risk analysis and risk management,” Ms Ketas told News Of The Area.

Passionate about human rights, health choices and alternatives to mainstream education, Angela states that she has spent much of her life standing up for those who do not have a voice.

“I’ve personally witnessed the devastation caused by the draconian measures that have been forced on my community in recent times.

“I’m running for the upcoming election in order to give those people who have been feeling disenfranchised by the current government a voice in parliament; it’s time we had human beings in parliament representing the needs of the people and not the interests of big corporations,” Ms Ketas said.

The key policy which the Informed Medical Options Party hopes to implement is the elimination of mandatory health policies, providing the people of Australia with choice when it comes to their way of living.

Other key policies include demanding government truth and transparency, and disclosure of all conflicts of interest in all areas, protection of community banks and cash, and the right for all Australians to make an anonymous transaction.

The party calls to sever any ties between Australia and the World Health Organisation and for a halt of 5G rollout until independent studies and safety levels are assessed on human and animal health, and the environment.

“I am passionate about truth, transparency and accountability in government and media.

“I’ll be the voice for sovereignty on all levels, including personal, digital and national, defending every Australian’s right to choose or refuse any medical products or procedures, without discrimination,” she said.



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