Innovative program in place to assist students at Irrawang Public School

Miss Pass working with students.
Miss Pass working with students.


IRRAWANG Public School has a long history of providing quality education that enables students to grow in confidence and experience success.

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In 2015, this commitment to student learning resulted in the formation of the Intervention Team.

The Intervention Team is a group of staff members who help students improve in Literacy, Numeracy and social skills.

They teach one-on-one, small group or whole class lessons that will support students in reaching their potential.

Irrawang Public School’s Instructional Leader, Mrs Anna Swanson, leads the intervention team.

Other team members this year have included Miss McEvoy, Ms Cowan, Mrs Pass, Miss Obernier and Mrs Kay.

Together, they form a dynamic team that works hard to support students.

The Intervention Team can be found working in a customised learning space known as ‘The Learning Lab’, as named by Ms Cowan.

The Learning Lab is a bright and colourful space that students enjoy coming to. Year 1 student Izaak said, “The Learning Lab is so awesome because it’s fun and I can read with Mrs Pass.”

Currently, a number of different interventions take place in The Learning Lab.

These include reading and writing lessons, numeracy lessons, a fine motor program and the school’s English as an Additional Language program.

Jolly Friends, a phonics program, is the favourite of Kindergarten student Yasmina.

She said, “I learn stuff so that when I’m older I can write more words, and I like playing games and learning words with Mr Jones.”

The Intervention Team is accessible to all students at Irrawang Public School.

However, they focus on assisting Kindergarten to Year 3 to ensure students start school well.

They choose students for interventions by talking with classroom teachers and looking at student achievement data.

They identify students who have made limited progress and might need some extra support to reach their potential.

If the intervention team selects a student, a note will be sent to parents and carers detailing the support the student will receive.


By Rachael VAUGHAN


Miss Pass, Miss McEvoy, Mrs Swanson, Mrs Cowan.
Miss Pass, Miss McEvoy, Mrs Swanson, Mrs Cowan.


Mrs Cowan and students working together.
Mrs Cowan and students working together.


Miss Brady with students working on an activity.
Miss Brady with students working on an activity.

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