Irene Drieman, Salamander Bay, volunteers supplies and expertise in card making

Irene Drieman, eager to establish a card making team. Photo by Mandy Ellis.
Irene Drieman, eager to establish a card making team. Photo by Mandy Ellis.


IMAGINE being in a foreign country, serving in the Royal Australian Air Force, Army or Navy and upon hearing of a birth, death or marriage, not being able to send your congratulations or sympathy to your loved ones.

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This is where Irene Drieman, of Salamander Bay comes in.

Irene said, “Once I was made aware of the lack of resources available in regards to cards, I was inspired to volunteer my supplies and expertise to try and do my bit.”

She was made aware of the situation when she read an article about a lady on the Central Coast who has been sending cards to our troops for ten years, incidentally, this was the first group of this nature to be created.

The blank cards and envelopes are sent to where our serving men and women are, and as well as free postage, are made available free of charge.

Irene, told News Of The Area, “You do not need to be a card maker to help, there is plenty of behind the scenes support opportunities too.”

The cards will also be used for Mother’s and Father’s Day, Easter, graduations, and everything in between.

Most of the materials will be supplied, however, donations such as, card, paper, ribbon, decorating stamps etc, and not forgetting the equipment needed to create the cards, scissors, rulers, etc, regardless of quantity, will always be welcome.

Irene is hoping to establish interest in both the creating of the cards, and local business support/sponsorship.

The location for the monthly get together will be determined once the number of attendees is established, it will be local however.

If interested, contact Irene, telephone, 4919 1352.

Irene’s parting words were, “They look after us, I’ll look after them.”


By Mandy ELLIS

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