Irukandji Celebrates Opening On Shark Awareness Day

Lia, Ryan and Silas Pereira enjoying the new lagoon at Irukandji Shark and Ray Encounters.


SHARKS have a pretty poor reputation but not all of it is well deserved.

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Despite recent shark attack deaths in Australian waters we need to remember we are in their space not them in ours.When you venture into the sea, you are venturing into a realm of wonder of fantasy and of deadly creatures, but it is their home not ours.

From stone fish, jelly fish, sting rays, crocodiles and sharks to killer whales are just a few of the many most deadly creatures on the planet.

Sharks are often maligned and movies like Jaws created a poor image for these majestic and deadly creatures.

Shark Awareness Day 2020 brings us the wonderful news that Irukandji Shark & Ray Encounters is re-opening.

Lia Pereira of Irukandji Shark and Ray Encounters told News Of The Area, “We are Passionate about marine conservation, Irukandji dedicates many thousands of hours to educating the public about sharks, one of the most misunderstood creatures out there.

“As an imperative keystone species the loss of sharks impacts the entire ocean eco-system and Irukandji creates learning through experience bringing humans into the marine world to meet and adore these creatures,” she said,

Irukandji has now moved to a brand new location: 2 Jessie Rd, Anna Bay.

The facility offers a brand new aquarium with natural lagoons & sandy beaches – it is a new must visit for those with children as it offers an insight into our local ocean environment..

After 126 days closed during the virus, Port Stephens welcomes the re-opening of the popular aquarium on Shark Awareness Day.

This is a start of a new future for Sharks with the conservation work carried out at the aquarium which has already hatched sharks outside eggs and rescued other marine creatures with a view to rehabilitation.



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