Is it time to rebuild the Woolgoolga WW1 War Memorial?


DEAR News Of The Area,

NOW that the local Council elections are complete, perhaps the new Council might like to turn their attention to re-building the old Woolgoolga WW1 War Memorial.

The Memorial had been an integral part of Woolgoolga since 1922, when it was erected through funds raised by the families of Woolgoolga’s fallen Diggers and the generosity of the Woolgoolga community.

In 2001, after 79 years, it was decreed as unsafe and removed.

However the Memorial still exists in pieces and I understand a sandstone restorer has deemed the Memorial to be repairable.

I am sure the local community would very much appreciate this Memorial being rebuilt in time for Remembrance Day in 2022.

I am sure there are many who agree with me.

Corindi Beach.

2 thoughts on “Is it time to rebuild the Woolgoolga WW1 War Memorial?

  1. There is about $5,000 in a “re-build kitty” somewhere which was a result of donations. Nothing has been seen or heard of it since.

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