Jaanybarr Giirrwaawa – Men Gather Together to heal and connect in regular meeting

Jannybarr Girrwaawa meeting. Photo: Luke Bateman.


ON Monday 24 May at Valla Beach Reserve, Jaanybarr Giirrwaawa – Men Gather Together, will be having their fortnightly gathering.

At the gathering there are ten different Service Providers in attendance, to provide support for the range of different men that attend.

Some of the Service Providers present include Uniting, Health Mid North Coast, Galambila Aboriginal Health Service, and Darrimba Maara Aboriginal Health Clinic.

It is for men who are seeking connection, company and assistance.

Luke Bateman, Uniting Family Child Case Worker, said that the meeting is “open to everyone”.

The last Jaanybarr Giirrwaawa gathering was held at Scotts Head.

It was a Cultural Fishing Day, including a smoking ceremony.

The men who attend the group work together to decide where the meetings will be held.

A range of Community Projects are being looked at for the men to be involved in.

The funding of these projects will rely on grants, Shire Council support, and assistance from the community.

Approximately 30 men currently attend the gathering, and they are always open to more men joining.



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