Jenni Cargill-Strong brings her storytelling concert and workshop to Bellingen

Jenni Cargill-Strong will bring her Stories for a More Beautiful World event to Bellingen. Photo: Clinton Hart.


AWARD winning storyteller Jenni Cargill-Strong is bringing her Stories for a More Beautiful World concert and workshop to Bellingen, May 21 and 22.

Her first live event since COVID, the interactive event will give her audience the opportunity to chat, learn and connect.

The event title is inspired by a book, ‘The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible’ by Charles Eisenstein, the teacher, speaker, and writer whose work focuses on themes of civilization, consciousness, money, and human cultural evolution.

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“For deep positive social change to occur, we need more beautiful stories of what is possible,” said Jenni.

“Our ‘no’ is only as strong as our ‘yes’ is compelling.

“However, stories can help us in many other ways.

“Stories can give us a larger perspective on our work and lives.

“They can not only help us keep working for that more beautiful world even when we feel defeated, but they can also help us endure hardship and loss.”

Exercising positive thoughts can quite literally change one’s reality.

In their jointly written book, Words Can Change Your Brain, Dr. Andrew Newberg, a neuroscientist at Thomas Jefferson University, and Mark Robert Waldman, a communications expert state, “A single word has the power to influence the expression of genes that regulate physical and emotional stress.”

For the Bellingen course, Jenni said participants don’t need storytelling experience.

“You will learn the theory of storytelling for healing or change-making; why storytelling is a powerful tool for healing and catalysing change; the power of framing stories and reframing cultural myths; connect with other participants in a heartfelt way via story in large group discussions and in pairs as well as work on a short story of your own.

“You may be an educator, therapist, healer, activist, change-maker, parent, community worker, creative or writer wanting to boost your ability to build community, educate, soothe distress, encourage resilience and/or catalyse change.”

The venue address in Northside Bellingen is given when you book.

Contact: Nicole 0447 353 297 or [email protected].




Jenni Cargill-Strong’s flyer tells it all.

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