Jetty Dune Care beautifying our Coffs Coast environment

Wendy and John Duff of Jetty Dune Care.


THE Coffs Coast area is renowned for its natural beauty, though it’s easy to take it for granted.

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Given that some people don’t take their rubbish with them, how does it stay that way?

Just ask Wendy and John Duff, also known as “The Mighty Duffs” because of the sterling contribution they’ve made to Dune Care over the years.

Emerging out of the bushes bordering the walking track at North Wall, holding a sack and a spade, Wendy Duff told News Of The Area, “John and I moved to Coffs Harbour seven years ago and found volunteering for Dune Care is a great way to be out in the bush, enjoying the local environment.”

“Right now it’s a bonus because when you’re out in the bush, you don’t need to be too worried about social distancing,” Wendy said.

The two large skips of rubbish and weeds the group collected on this day were overflowing with weeds and discarded plastic bottles and paper.

“All we ask is that people take their rubbish with them,” Wendy said.

Volunteers Coordinator Lindy Davis said, “It’s not until you visit other places without this level of care that all the work the volunteers do in removing weeds like bitou bush and lantana becomes apparent.”

“We have a great need for volunteers, and everyone is welcome no matter the level of support they can give.”

“Our volunteers range in age from eighteen to eighty-eight,” Lindy said.

Jane Ireland, an original member of the group and now aged eighty-eight, told News Of The Area, “You could still dig out weeds if you just sat at the edge of the path.”

“There’s a warm welcome for everyone here.”



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