Jimmy’s Beach, Hawks Nest gets some much needed sand



THE start of 2018 has certainly seen some weather extremes hit the Myall Coast.

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From gale force winds to seas so rough they closed beaches and almost swamped Winda Woppa to temperatures in the high 30’s and last weekend much needed heavy rainfall.

All this as the fallout continues from the extreme conditions which washed much of the sand from Jimmy’s Beach.
Fortunately, nature spared Winda Woppa again last week.

“We appear to have “Dodged the bullet” but it may be too early to tell,” Ken Garrard from the Winda Woppa Association said.

Another high tide and a low were forecast for last week, but luckily the tide was early and the wind came later.

“Council’s efforts to scrape sand from everywhere else on the beach and place it in the pinch point appears to have been just enough to protect the beach this time.”

MidCoast Council is considering moving more sand onto Jimmy’s from Yacaaba and tenders have been received to get the promised sand transfer system from the Winda Woppa stockpile up and running this year.

One of the reasons it was impractical to take the sand from the stockpile was the plight of the Little Terns still nesting in the area.

‘’We still have considerable exposure to any significant east coast lows until at least October when we hope the long-awaited sand transfer system is in place and the risk will reduce slightly until a permanent solution can be found,” Ken Garrard said.

“At the moment we are all breathing a sigh of relief on Winda Woppa and thinking that we got away with it this time, but we are wondering how long our luck will hold.”



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