Johno Jones champions dumping solutions along Coffs Coast waterways

Johno Jones says he finds dumping “everywhere” and finds it particularly irksome when it’s on a waterway. Photos taken in Newports Creek, Coffs on Monday 12 July.


LITTER and dumping champion, Johno Jones has received a response after a consultation with Gurmesh Singh, Member for Coffs Harbour.

Mr Singh wrote to the General Manager of Coffs Harbour City Council (CHCC) representing Johno’s questions about what the Council can organise to clean up and dispose of, the growing amount of illegal general dumping and littering, including dangerous items such as needles, in public places.

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Mick Raby, Director Sustainable Infrastructure at CHCC replied to the letter, suggesting Johno contact Council Waste officers to discuss appropriate collection/disposal options.

Johno has consulted with an officer from CHCC’s waste team who requested that he report illegal dumping using the Report-Illegal-Dumping (RID) Online tool.

There is currently no provision in Council’s adopted fees and charges for the exemption of tipping fees outside of organised clean ups such as Australia Day and other Clean-up events.

The two bulky good vouchers and two subsidised book-in kerbside bulky household waste collections per annum were brought in, in 2018 as part of the LGA’s new Waste Collection and Processing Contract which, according to Mick Raby’s letter, has seen a significant reduction in the incidents of kerbside dumping and illegal dumping in public places, and the amount of waste going into landfill from these services has decreased.

“Reintroduction of the previous twice yearly kerbside bulky waste collections would see a dramatic increase in waste to landfill including recoverable materials and would see our streets once again littered by unsightly piles of waste for most of the year,” concluded Mick’s letter.

Johno expressed concerns that the RID Online tool was ineffective.

“According to many locals that have contacted me, the RID Online email has been a major let-down here and rarely is acted upon,” Johno told News Of The Area.

“In my conversations with Council they blame the homeless…the homeless don’t go dumping lounges,” he said.

Committed to his Coffs clean-up cause, Johno is undeterred by Council’s response.

“I’m organising a meeting with a minister; I’ve reached out to Ray Hadley and I’m meeting with the OzFish group on 29 July, who rectify waterways, fish habitat and rubbish removal therein; and I’ve reached out to Landline and Dunecare.”




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