July supermoon beams out from a crystal night sky on the Coffs Coast

Photo: Matthew Hunter – Coffs Creek early in the evening.


SATURDAY’S Buck Full Moon drew ogling crowds on a crystal clear night on the Coffs Coast.

Andrew Jacob, Curator, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences/The Observatory in Sydney, told News Of The Area, “Not sure how it was at Coffs but it was windy down here.

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“Due to the internet dominance of the USA, Native American names are prominent, and July’s full moon was called a Buck Moon according to some sources – for the time when deer develop their new antlers.

“In England it may have been a Thunder or Hay Moon.

“However, despite being England-born I’ve never had a tradition of using these moon names myself.

“Obviously, these names don’t suit us in the southern hemisphere with our different seasons and unique wildlife.

“We need an Australian name set, or several perhaps for the varying environments across the country.

“I don’t know of any names that are agreed upon here…but maybe we could start with Frost Moon or Ice Moon for July – that certainly suits the weather we experienced on the weekend.”

Trevor Wright, sharing his full moon photos on Coffs Harbour Weather Watch told News Of The Area, “I’ve always been keen on photography and especially the heavens, with super moons, stars and the Milky Way being a favourite.

“Sunsets and animals, too.

“The night was chilly and the water was flat enough to give a great shimmer.

“I share my time in between Dondingalong on a property and Coffs Harbour as my partner, Linda, lives here in Coffs.

“We often take blankets, food and drink and make a few hours of it…star-gazing.”

Matthew Hunter, also posting on Coffs Harbour Weather Watch, shared cracking shots of the full moon.

“I am lucky to live at Park Beach and my dog walk takes me past Coffs Creek.

“I came to the creek and saw the huge moon, whipped out the phone and took the photos.

“It seemed bigger than the previous super moon and was a wonderful yellow.”




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